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AUDI R8 Supercar

AUDI R8 Supercar  front AUDI R8 Supercar  3 4 front

Audi is introducing the supercar R8 at the Paris Mondial Motor Show incorporating the name and the genes of the five time Le Mans winner, the AUDI R8 sports prototype.
  This introduction comes three years after the unveiling of the AUDI Le Mans concept car.
  The Audi R8 is the first Audi mid engined sports car . The mid mounted dry sump lubrication 420 hp V8 FSI engine, the quattro permanent four wheel drive and the Audi Space Frame aluminium body structure form the ingredients of this new limited production sports car.
  The engine is in longitudinal position in line with the six speed gearbox. The weight distribution is 44% on front axle and 56% on the rear axle. This layout has a direct impact on the car proportion with the cabin pushed far forward.

AUDI R8 Supercar lateral AUDI R8 Supercar  3 4 rear

The V8 produce 420 hp at 7.800 rpm and maximum torque of 430 Nm from 4.500 to 6.000 rpm.
  The full aluminium body is constructed in the Audi Space Frame (ASF) design. It combines minimal weight with maximum rigidity.
 The Audi R8 is a two seater with luggage space behind the seats to locate large bags or even two golf bags. There is still 100 litre capacity boot at the front.

AUDI R8 Supercar  rear AUDI R8 Supercar  interior

The Audi R8 is the first production car to offer the option of ordering all the headlight functions ad LEDs. LED stands for “light emitting diodes” and represents a technology which offers substancial advantages over conventional bulbs . Because they take less space than conventional lights, LEDs provide the designers with greater freedom.

Dimensions: Length : 443 cm, width: 190 cm, height: 125 cm. Wheelbase : 265 cm

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    AUDI R8 Supercar


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