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FIAT 8V 1952-1954

FIAT 8V 1952-1954 1 FIAT 8V 1952-1954 2
FIAT 8V 1952-1954 3 FIAT 8V 1952-1954 4

The Fiat 8V was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show 1952 as a high performance 2-seater aerodynamic coupé. The name derives from the 8 cylinder vee-form engine developed by famous Fiat engineer Dante Giacosa. The V angle was set at 70 degree for a compact arrangement. The engine was positioned just behind the front axle which make the Fiat 8V a front mid-engine sports car ensuring an optimized weight distribution. In his memory book, Dante Giacosa quoted " The chassis, designated the "104", was passed to Pininfarina so that the great coachbuilder could get out a preliminary study of the coachwork. This was all in 1950. Bono showed a a certain antipathy for the project and Valetta seemed to ignore it. For my part I was against it, because the automobile was too big and heavy for an engine of a mere two litres or little more, even if it had eight cylinders. The prototype with coachwork by Pininfarina confirmed expectations. It aroused little interest and was turned down for production by Fiat. In the meantime we had gone on perfecting the engine, awaiting approval for construction of the "106" sports model with independent suspension all around". The "106" was an internally developed sports coupé designed internally that was finally introduced at the Geneva Motor Show and ended in limited production. It was the first Fiat with independent suspension front and rear.

The engine which was the type 104.000, was available in two forms. One version produced 115 hp at 6.000 rpm. This was the 104.003. The second version, the 140.000, with different timing, carburation, and a 8,75:1 compression ratio, produced 127 hp at 6.600 rpm.

The 8V distinguished itself in a few motor sport events such as the 6th Stella Alpina event, the Pescara 12 hours and the Monza Cup.

In 1954 it was exhibited at the Turin Motor Show with a glass fibre body. Total 8V production was precisely 114 units with several model fitted with bodywork prepared by Zagato, Vignale, Ghia or Pininfarina.

SPECIFICATION Maximum speed 190 kph (118 mph); Maximum gradient climbable 43% (1 in 2.3), Average fuel consumption 17 litres per 100 km (16 mpg), Passenger capacity 2.

ENGINE Type 104.000, Location front, Number of cylinders and arrangement 8 V (70°), Capacity 1.996 cc, Bore & Stroke 72 mm x 61,3 mm, Compression ratio 8,5:1, Maximum power and corresponding speed 105 hp at 6.000 rpm, Valve arrangement: overhead, Ignition system: coil, distributor, Cooling system: water, pump, capacity 10 litres (17,5 pints), Fuel feed; Pump, two dual-choke carburetors, Fuel tank: 82 litres ( 21 galls., 21,5 U.S. galls.), Lubrication: Pressure, oil cooler (5,5 kg/sq. cm, 78 lb/sq. in.)

TRANSMISSION Type: Shaft, swing axles, Clutch: Single dry plate, Gearbox: 4 speeds forward (synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd, 4th), plus reverse, central lever. Final drive: hypoid, ratio 4,4:1 SUSPENSION: Front and Rear: Independent, coil springs, hydraulic shock absorbers in oil bath, anti-roll bar. Supplementary telescopic shock absorbers at the rear only. WHEELS: Rudge-Whitworth. Tyres: 165x400. BRAKES: Foot: hydraulic on all four wheels. hand: mechanical, drum, on transmission. STEERING: worm and roller. Turning circle: 10m (32 ft. 9 in.). ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: 12 volt, 300 watt dynamo, 35 amp/hr. battery. STRUCTURE Integral.

DIMENSIONS: Wheelbase: 2.400 mm ( 7 ft. 10,5 in.) Track: front and rear 1.290 mm (4 ft. 2,75 in.). Length 4.040 mm (13 ft. 3 in.). Width 1.570 mm ( 5 ft. 1,8 in.). Height overall 1.290 mm ( 4 ft. 2,75 in.). Ground clearance 150 mm (6 in.). Weight unladen: 997 kg (2.197 lb.), fully laden: 1.137 kg (2.506 lb)

Text Paul Damiens - Information and photos by courtesy Fiat - photos Paul Damiens ,Fiat Media Archives

wallpapers of the FIAT 8V 1952-1954 click on the picture to enlarge

FIAT 8V 1952-1954 FIAT 8V 1952-1954 FIAT 8V 1952-1954 FIAT 8V 1952-1954


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