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Lotus Hot Wheels Concept 2007

Lotus Hot Wheels Concept 2007 1 Lotus Hot Wheels Concept 2007 2

Lotus has teamed up with Hot Wheels, the famous die-cast model brand, to design, develop and produce a Lotus Hot Wheels Concept Vehicle. The 1:5 scale model was on display to the world at the annual SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in November 2007. A 1:64 scale version of the design will become part of the Hot Wheels product range in spring 2008.

Lotus Hot Wheels Concept 2007 3

Hot Wheels will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2008. For this event, Hot Wheels approached Lotus and other world leaders in the automotive industry with the challenge for each company to produce a vehicle that embodies its own engineering philosophy and brand. The result from Lotus is an open-top two seat sports car concept. Russell Carr, Head of Lotus Design said: " This was a dream job for the design team because, for many of us, when we were children, it was Hot Wheels that first ignited our passion for cars and design. Lotus Design's international reputation for designing visually dynamic and exhilarating sports cars perfectly fitted the brief for this program and we relished the opportunity to design a concept that was free from typical technical and legal constraints of a full size car. In addition, the design offered unique challenges because it has to work as a toy and we therefore had to remember how specific views, features and tactile qualities of toy cars fascinated us as children. I am very proud of the final design by Chris Crijns that succeeds in being both instantly recognizable as a Lotus and a Hot Wheels Car."

Bold aerodynamic aids are incorporated. The top exit radiator at the front, a distinctive Lotus design feature, the rear diffuser and a large rear wing all provide down-force helping the vehicle to stick on the road. In addition, large side air intakes and an open rear end aid engine breathing. Inside the car, the exposed centre spine is part of the structure and incorporates the switches and gear linkage and supports the rear wing.

Mike Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus Plc said: " We are delighted to have worked with Hot Wheels, who share our passion and enthusiasm for all things automotive. The same design team who created this stunning concept is also designing our new range of cars, the first of which, codenamed Project Eagle, will go into production at the end of 2008."

Wallpapers of Lotus Hot Wheels Concept 2007 :

Lotus Hot Wheel Concept 2007 Lotus Hot Wheel Concept 2007 Lotus Hot Wheel Concept 2007 Lotus Hot Wheel Concept 2007 Lotus Hot Wheel Concept 2007




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