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Maybach Landaulet Study 2008

 At the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, Maybach presented a masterpiece of advanced technology which re-enlivens the art of building majestic automobile: the open-top Maybach Landaulet Study. True to the tradition of exclusive landaulets, the roof of this white one-off study can be opened fully at the rear, while in the chauffeur'compartment it remains completely closed. The passengers are then able to enjoy the clear, blue sky above.

In technical terms the Landaulet Study is based on the Maybach 62S. Maybach technicians have removed the rear roof module. The side walls remain, and have merely been invisibly reinforced with an integral tubular steel structure. As these measures have not altered the silhouette of the luxury saloon, the generously dimensioned doors and the complete interior, uniquely configured with reclining seats, remain unchanged.

When closed the soft-top of the Landaulet rests on the roof frame and is wind- and weather-proof. When requested by the passengers, the chauffeur operates a switch in the centre console. Fully automatically, electric motors then open the two locks which fasten the folding top to the frame; the top is folded and deposited on the parcel shelf in the rear, together with its integral rear windscreen made of single-layer safety glass. One hydraulic cylinder each on the left and right side open and close the top virtually noiselessly. The necessary driving power is furnished by an electro-hydraulic motor hidden away in the side of the boot where it does not obstruct the luggage compartment. The opening and closing operation of the roof take well under 20 seconds. The chauffeur is able to enclose the folded roof with a fine white tonneau cover, which both conceals the roof mechanism from view. A large logo reading "Maybach Landaulet" is embroidered on the cover, where it is visible to following traffic.

The Maybach Landaulet is powered by an upgraded V12 engine, developed for the Maybach 57S and the Maybach 62S. Thanks to twin turbochargers, the V12 engine develops 612 hp/450kW from a displacement of 5.980 cc. Equipped with the AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension system and the Adaptive Damping System (ADS II) the Landaulet model achieves an outstanding level of ride and handling qualities.

Owing to the response of the public, Maybach has decided to offer a limited number of Landaulet hand-built in the Manufaktur workshops in Sindelfingenover. The Maybach Landaulet will cost EUR 900.000 ( or US dollars 1,35 million). The first customer vehicles are due to leave Maybach Manufaktur in autumn 2008.

Specifications: Length 616 cm, Width 198 cm, Height 157 cm, Turning circle 14,8 m, unladden weight 2855 kg; Gross Weight 3380 kg

Engine and Transmission: V12, 3 valves per cylinder, 5.980 cc, 612 hp at 4.800-5.100 rpm, rated torque 1.000 Nm at 2.000-4.000 rpm, Compression ratio 9:1, 5 speed automatic transmission

Performances and fuel consumption: acceleration 0 to 100 kph in 5,2 seconds, top speed 250 kph, fuel consumption in combined NEDC cycle 16,4 l/100 km.

Wallpaper of the Maybach Landaulet Study 2008

Maybach Landaulet Study 2008 Maybach Landaulet Study 2008 Maybach Landaulet Study 2008 Maybach Landaulet Study 2008 Maybach Landaulet Study 2008
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