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Ferrari 330 P3 1966

Ferrari 330 P3 1966 1 Ferrari 330 P3 1966 2
Ferrari 330 P3 1966 3 Ferrari 330 P3 1966 4

Ferrari won Le Mans 24 Hours with a front engined racing prototype in 1962 for the last time. Starting from 1963 Ferrari competed with the mid engined 250P. The car won Le Mans in 1963 and 1964 while the 250 LM a berlinetta derived from the 330P won the endurance event in 1965.The Ferrari 250P was followed by consecutive improvements especially at the level of the V12 engine. The Ferrari Team raced 3.3 Litre and 4 Litre V12 prottotypes with a single cam per bank in 1964 but with four overhead camshafts in 1965. Several prototypes called 330 P2 were developed.The famous fight between Ford and Ferrari had started. For 1966 Ferrari prepared a new car or better an intensively improved prototype called Ferrari 330 P3.

The new car retained a 3.967 cc (77x71 mm) all-alloy V12, dry sump engine with two valves per cylinder and twin overhead camshafts per bank of cylinders chain-driven from the nose of the crakshaft. Lucas indirect fuel injection replaced the three twin-choke carburettors and power output was 420 hp at 8.000 rpm.

The Ferrari 330 P3 had a chassis in tubular structure, strengthened by riveted aluminium alloy sheets and bonded glass-fibre. The wheelbase was unchanged from the 330P at 2400 mm (7 ft 10.5 in) . The front and rear tracks were also the same with 1350 mm (4ft 5.25in) at the front and 1340 mm (4ft 4.75in) at the rear.

Ferrari 330 P3 1966 5 Ferrari 330 P3 1966 6
Ferrari 330 P3 1966 7 Ferrari 330 P3 1966 8

The body of the prototype was drastically improved ,slightly shorter, wider and lower than that of its predecessors with a very low nose. The Ferrari 33 P3 also exhibit a very rounded and lower windscreen tnaks to changes in Prototype regulations.

Ferrari claimed a dry weight 706 kg (1.558 pounds), only 32 kg (70 pounds) more than the original 1963 250P. Maximum speed was announced as 310 kph (193 mph).

The Ferrari 330 P3 was entered in coupe or open body in the events of the 1966 season with one win at Monza 1000 km. The 1966 Le Mans was the last showing of the Ferrari P3. It was followed by the Ferrari P4 and finished first, second and third at the Daytona 24 Hours in early 1967.

Paul Damiens source -Sports Racing Cars Anthony Pritchard 2005

wallpaper of the Ferrari P3 1966

Ferrari P3 1966 Ferrari P3 1966 Ferrari P3 1966 Ferrari P3 1966

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