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Lola GT Mk VI 1963

Taking benefits of the new regulation FIA GT Prototype with no more limits of 4 Litres engine capacity, Eric Broadley from Lola cars prepared a brand new GT prototype with American V8 engine placed before the rear axle. Pictures from 15 to 19 are showing the Lola GT assembly at the factory in Bromley, Kent, England in 1963.

The Lola GT Mk 6 1963 was introduced at the 1963 Racing Car Show in London. It was a racing car corresponding to the GT Prototype serie. The original car was equiped with a 4,7 Litre Ford V8 engine placed behind the driver. The car is based on fabricated sheet metal pontoons at each side, joined by a stressed floor. Welded to the front of this structure is a space frame outrigger carrying the front suspensions. At the back the pontoons converge to carry the rear suspensions and the Ford V8 engine with Colotti 5 speed gearbox and transaxle. The sills carry flexible fuel tanks and air is fed to the carburatter through a collector box from a roof intake. This air supply system was eventually refused by Le Mans Endurance scrutineers for lack of backward vision and was replaced by side air intakes. The body was made of glass fibre reinforced composite. The Lola GT Mk6 was extremely compact with a 3,85 m length and a 1,00 m height. Three Lola GT were built at Lola Cars Limited's factory in Bromley, Kent, England. The price of the car without engine and transmission was £ 3.400 in 1963. The Lola GT Mk6 was entered in several endurance races in Europe like Nurburgring 1.000 km and 1963 Le Mans 24 Hours where it suffered an accident when driver David Hobbs had trouble with gear change. Ford purchased Lola GT Mk6 as test bed for the development of their endurance racing Ford GT and Eric Broadley, the founder of the Company was hired as a consultant for two years. He later returned to operate Lola Cars Limited that has since become one of the largest supplier of racing cars.

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Lola GT Mk VI 1963 Wallpapers

Lola GT Wallpaper Lola GT Wallpaper Lola GT Wallpaper


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